"Students and teachers LOVED the presentation. The creativity Brian inspired in them was magnificent. We also can't keep his book on the library shelves!"

- Tami Holihan, Librarian, Park Road Elementary


I love visiting Schools, Libraries, Conferences, and other events! Got a group of librarians who need a talk about starting an affordable Maker Space? Need Professional Development about bringing simple and free STEAM projects into the classroom? Need a Speaker and Hands-on Activity for your next meeting?

Get in touch. And thanks for the work you do!



50 Minute Presentation with Slides

• Live Recycled Art Project Making Demonstration

• Q & A Session with Students

• Book Personalization & Autographing


FULL DAY VISIT (Best Value!)

• 2-3 Assemblies

• 2 Workshops or Visits to Classrooms

• Lunch with the Author (time permitting)

• Book Personalization & Autographing



1 Hour Workshop for 10-30 Students

• Guided step-by-step Recycled Art project instruction

*LOCAL ONLY: Workshops only available to groups within 1 hour distance to Rochester, NY unless special arrangements are made.


• All programs are tailored to Grades K-6.

• Schools/Hosts are responsible for travel costs and accommodations for distances over 1 hour from Rochester, NY. Let other schools in the area know that you are hosting an Author! This way multiple schools can SHARE travel costs.

• I do offer discounts for Title 1 Schools.

• I do offer Half-Day Visits (2 assemblies).

• Once you fill out the “Booking Form” I will be in touch to answer any other questions you may have from “How do I order books?”, “What’s the best way to schedule a Full Day Visit?”, “What are some good ways to raise funds?” etc.


• My Story from Childhood Drawings to Published Book

• Exploring the Benefits of Recycling, Re-use & STEAM Building

• How does a Story hatch from Idea to Final Draft?

• Empowering students to be MAKERS using the Junk around them with lots of Project Examples!


“Having Brian visit our school was the best idea I've had all year. He was ten times more engaging than I had hoped and our students were inspired by the ScrapKins characters more than I ever could have imagined. Immediately after the assemblies, we had students from Kindergarten through 5th grade building on their own, inventing creatures and creations from the abstract realms of their imagination - all due to Brian's fiercely passionate and playful presentation.”
- Sarah Cascante, Librarian Hollywood School House, Los Angeles, CA

“Brian Yanish was a fantastic guest author when he visited our school. He engaged with our children beautifully where he expertly took them on a journey of creativity.  By the end of his assembly every single child was desperate to make something! It is rare that we have a visitor that can connect so positively with all our pupils. I would have him back in a heart beat.”
- Dawn Persad, Head of School, Henry Cavendish Primary School Balham, United Kingdom

“We were very lucky to host Brian Yanish at Norwood Fontbonne Academy for a visit with our 1st-3rd Graders. Brian's presentation was informative, interesting, and engaging for the students and teachers both. Students left the presentation motivated to collect used materials to build and create new things. Since the visit, students have been sharing with me their creations, and they are so excited to create stories around their creations involving the Scrapkins! One student was quoted that afternoon saying "I can't believe I just met a real, live author!" We were thrilled to meet Brian, and we are still energized by what he shared with us that day!"
- Shannon Craige, Librarian, Norwood-Fontbonne Academy, Philadelphia

“I am so excited to incorporate the Maker Space concepts used with the ScrapKins Program at my School. This is a wonderful way to get kids creating and thinking outside of the box.”
- Ashley Morgan, Johnson Street Global Studies School, High Point, NC

“Brian Yanish and ScrapKins are an amazing find for any school!  His creativity combined with his ability to connect with students guarantees an excellent Assembly or visiting artist experience. We cannot wait to have him back! The boys have not stopped talking about him in- art as well as science classes! ”  
- Laurie Gruhn, Head of Lower School, The Browning School, NYC

“Brian’s presentation was highly engaging and inspirational for our students. Students learned to look at “junk” in a whole new way and to imagine the possibilities when re-purposing everyday objects. Brian’s characters were relatable and students were excited to learn that they were created when Brian was at an elementary age. It has been fun to continue to see our students think creatively as a result of Brian’s visit!”
- Heather Clayton, Principal, Mendon Center Elementary School